10″ Triple R.O Pre Filter Set

£18.83 ex.VAT | £22.60 inc.VAT

Triple RO 10″ Pre Filter Set

  • 1x 10″ 20 Micron Pentek GAC-10 Carbon Filter.
  • 1x 10″ 5 Micron Spectrum 10″ Carbon Filter.
  • 1x 10″ 5 Micron Spectrum Sediment Filter.


A 10″ Triple Pre Filter set consisting of the following; 1x 10″ Pentek GAC-10 20 micron Carbon Filter, 1x 10″ 5 micron Spectrum 10″ Carbon Filter and 1x 10″ 5 micron Spectrum Sediment Filter.

Further enhance the capability of your RO system with the addition of a Pentair Pentek GAC 10 Series Cartridge. Effectively reducing unwanted Chlorine, Benzene, Rust Particles, Sand, Silt, Algae, Herbicides, Pesticides, taste & odor. They are designed to allow maximum contact between the water and carbon, ensuring optimal adsorption.

The construction of the cartridge allows water to enter at one end and pass through the entire length of the carbon bed before exiting the other end of the cartridge, while an internal expansion pad minimizes channeling or bypass. Before the water exits the cartridge, a post-filter helps reduce carbon fines and other suspended particles from the filtered water.