Vikan Hi-Lo Stiff Bristle Brush

£35.95 ex.VAT | £43.14 inc.VAT

  • 9.5” / 25cm brush head
  • Sturdy and durable polypropylene curved body
  • Great for tough stains on windows, sills, UPVC, Fascia’s etc.
  • Weight: 526g
  • Width 245mm
  • 2mm Pencil Jets


Made by Vikan one of the leading brush head manufacturers. The Vikan Hi-Lo Stiff Bristle Brush is an ideal brush for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. Vikan brushes are constructed of durable polypropylene with PBT Monofilament brush fibres.

Ideal for those tough cleaning jobs on roofs & cladding etc.

A stiff ‘radius’ bristled brush head with unflagged monofilament bristles and a lightweight angled stock, to clean the sill and window frame simultaneously. This brush head comes with uniform length bristles.

Each brush head comes complete with Pencil Jets, a push-fit connector to quickly connect your pole hose

Additional information

Weight 1999 g