Axeon HF4 Low Pressure RO Membranes

£148.00- £190.00 ex.VAT | £177.60 - £228.00 inc.VAT

Axeon HF4 Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pressure Membranes.

  • Lengths: HF4 4040 (4″ x 40″), HF4 4021 (4″ x “21”), HF4 4014 (4″ x 14″).
  • Applied Pressure 100psi (6.89Bar).
  • Permeate Flow Rate 2500gpd (9450lpd).
  • Minimum Salt Rejection 96%.
  • Improved System Performance.


AXEON HF4 Series Extra Low Energy Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes are manufactured using the industry’s leading membrane film technology. As a result these Axeon membranes offer you reliability, high performance and deliver consistent results. Consequently they provide you increased production, high rejection rates and extra low energy consumption by operating at standard applied pressure of 100psi.

AXEON HF4-Series Membranes are one of the industry’s most reliable, consistent, and highest performing reverse osmosis elements available. AXEON RO Membranes are available in all standard commercial sizes and feature a protective ABS shell. The advanced membrane technology used during the manufacturing process ensures consistent high quality and performance is achieved.

All elements are shipped dry for an indefinite shelf life and easier handling. AXEON HF4-Series Membrane elements are 100% vacuum integrity tested.

Additional information

Weight 3170 g
Dimensions 104 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm
Select Membrane

HF4 4040, HF4 4021, HF4 4014

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