Unger S-Plus Channel

£6.20- £8.10 ex.VAT | £7.44

  • Curved ends which support the rubber at the edges for improved cleaning close to frame
  • Notched edges for secure hold of channel and rubber.
  • Complete with Unger Professional Rubber.
  • Easy change and fit for most industry standard squeegee rubbers.
  • Made from strong and durable stainless steel.
  • Variable positioning for greater and easier reach


Unger S-Plus Squeegee Channel. a Precision engineered channel designed with tapered ends and comes complete with Unger Professional Soft Rubber. The S-Plus Channel channel cuts right in to the edge of the glass whilst maintaining an even pressure thanks to the tapered ends, which holds it taut as you clean.

Made in Germany by Unger for Greater Results with Less Effort.

Compatible with ErgoTec®, S & PRO Squeegee Handles

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12" (30cm), 14" (35cm), 18" (45cm)

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