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Wax Oil and Grease Remover

£12.50 ex. VAT - £15.00 inc. VAT


  • Heavy duty spirit based oil and grease remover
  • Removes wax build-up from floors.
  • Engine and industrial plant cleaner.
  • Removes tar and bitumen easily.

Note : Wax, Oil and Grease Remover should not be used on solvent sensitive surfaces e.g.thermoplastic or bitumastic.


Wax Oil and Grease Remover

Wax, Oil and Grease Remover is ideal and specially formulated from a blend of refined aliphatic and
aromatic hydrocarbons and biodegradable emulsifiers. Designed for the removal of old wax from floors. The product removes oil and diesel spillages from concrete and brick floors. It may also be used as a brush or spray on – hose off degreasant for engines and greasy metal parts.

Additional information

Weight5000 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 28 cm