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Tulsion MB115 Ion Exchange Resin

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  • Tulsion MB-115 is a high Grade – High Quality Ion Exchange Resin.
  • Designed for use in final polishing for production of ultra-pure water.
  • Gives you a perfect spot-free finish.
  • Leading UK brand in window cleaning applications.
  • Used in a wide range of industries where pure water is required.
  • Dark amber translucent beads


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Tulsion MB115 D.I Resin.

Tulsion MB115 is designed for use in the final polishing for the production of ultra pure water. Tulsion MB-115 is a high grade mixed bed resin of strongly acidic cation exchange resin. Tulsion MB-115, Virgin Mixed Bed DI Resin, is the best performing mixed bed deionisation resin to give you a perfect spot-free finish.

Tulsion Resin is used in a wide range of applications where pure water is required i.e. Water Fed Pole Industry, car valeting, cosmetic industries and electronics industries which manufacture semi conductors and television tubes. TULSION MB-115 is a high grade resin which has a higher capacity for absorption than the cheaper grades of resin on the market.

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Dimensions53 × 37 × 15 cm
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