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Chemical Pressure Sprayer & 3Mtr Lance Pk1

£94.00 ex. VAT - £112.80 inc. VAT


  • Complete with Sprayer, 3Mtr Lance
  • Suitable for strong chemicals & caustic agents
  • 11.6L total capacity
  • 11L working capacity
  • 0.3-1 Lpm average liquid output
  • 4 Bar max pressure
  • Polypropylene tank
  • Viton seals
  • 60cm st.steel lance
  • Internal filter prevents blockages
  • Carry belt, funnel & spare nozzles
  • 220W x 600H, mm


N.B. Product colour may vary


Industry+ 12 Chemical Pressure Sprayer & 3Mtr Lance 

Industry+ Sprayers are professional, practical, reliable and easy to use

Industry+ Profession Chemical Pressure Sprayer (Vitron Seals) & 3mtr Lance is designed for the spraying of protection or cleaning chemicals on to outside walls, plant and industrial equipment. They are also the perfect product for spraying liquid fertilizers in orchards, nurseries, gardens, plantations, greenhouses.

High pressure tank.
Specially designed high-pressure tank using special injection molding production methods (not blow moulding) and multi-stage quality control ensures a high level of safety during use.

Efficient high-pressure pump.
The pumps are characterised by the absence of a metal piston which may be susceptible to corrosion with the harsh chemical use and corrosion after years of usage (despite the zinc coating) which makes them 100% resistant to rust. The sprayer is reinforced by plastic ribs making for a stable and robust structure.

Safety valve
Designed by Marolex the Safety Valve is another added safety feature when operating Marolex sprayers. The valve does not permit the pressure within the tank to increase above 0.4 MPa. Excess pressure is released through the safety valve maintaining the safe pressure up to 0.4Mpa.

Adjustable nozzle
The adjustable nozzle will provides for an even stream of liquid – adjusts from a light mist used with most plant protection chemicals, through fine stream for herbicides, to thick  stream used for heavier application.

Trigger on/off  valve
The Integrated Locking On/Off Trigger Valve, fitted on the handle, allows for the most comfortable work. Its integrated locking system relieves the hand pressure during extended work periods with Marolex sprayers. Simply press the On /Off Trigger and slide it forward, the valve will then remain open without the need to press it further..

N.B. Product colour may vary

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